Friday, April 17, 2009

Latest and Greatest

I was introduced to Dave Ramsey on Monday night via his dvd series on Financial Peace.  I am now addicted to him - I've watched his call-in show the last two nights.  He has inspired me to get our finances in order and to put my self on the all-cash system.  I know some husbands do that to their wives but I'm doing it to myself.  I want to see if I can rise to the challenge.  I'm going all-cash envelopes for groceries and another envelope for kids' stuff (lunches out, jump castles, anything entertainment for the kids, etc.).  May will be the first month that I do it.  Wish me luck!

Update on Banks:  
*At 18 months, he is really jumping.  Hughes showed him how to jump on his bed so lately that has been a favorite activity everytime we're upstairs. 
*Banks can go up and down the steps by himself - it scares the heck out of me every time!  He, also, goes up and down the swingset ladder and slide by himself - no fear!
*He loves poppyseed chicken casserole and this morning he ate his first bowl of cereal by himself - actually 3 bowls of cereal.  

*When he asks for something, he claps if I guess it right.  

*He is starting to get interested in puzzles.  He can match the pictures but still has trouble placing the puzzle piece into the puzzle.

Update on Hughes:
*At 3 1/2 Hughes continues to make progress in speech.  He is saying more and more each day. 

*He got his first real bike last week and has now quadrupled his speed.  I have to run with the stroller to keep up with him.  Now, if I can only teach him how to use the brakes!

*There is starting to be more brotherly interaction - playing chase, jumping on the bed, doing puzzles, playing on the swingset.  I can't wait to see what Hughes teaches him next - good or bad!

*He likes to help me in the yard (collecting weeds I've pulled and putting them in the bucket) and he also likes to work on the fence gate.  He goes and gets David's tools and then works the wrench around the nuts and bolts.  He saw David do this and when Hughes says "I'm going to work" that is what he does.  Maybe he thinks his dad is Handy Manny!

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