Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today, we went to see Playhouse Disney Live!  It was quite a treat for the boys and quite a wallet-thief for the parents.  Of course, every sparkly, light-up, noise-making toy was there all screaming the boys' names!  David and I talked beforehand and agreed that each boy would get a souvenir - that was before we realized they were all around $20.  So, after a little sticker shock, we plunged into the madness.  Hughes picked Quincy's horn from Little Einsteins and Banks (Hughes picked for him) picked this light-up, spin-around Handy Manny toy.  We also got a lemonade in a souvenir water bottle for the boys to share and then we were ready to see the show.  We had great seats.
I think he may have his Dad's form on the trumpet!

Little Einstein Characters

Ready to watch the show with his cool, new horn and lemonade!

Banks, not sure what is going on, showing his cool new toy - it now broken, will be calling on Monday to the company that reports "guaranteed to work for two years" - hopefully, we can get another one mailed to us.

After 45 minutes, we had an intermission where David took the boys into the lobby to stretch their legs.  Much to Hughes' delight, Dad decided to buy a snowcone in a souvenir Rocket cup for Hughes!  

Enjoying his surprise snowcone in his cool Rocket cup - where am I going to find room for all these new Disney toys?

I think Hughes was shocked to see his favorite tv characters come to life on stage.  We had Little Einsteins, Tigger, Pooh, & Darby, Handy Manny & tools, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck & Goofy.  It was a pretty good show and we were flat-out exhausted afterwards.

So, the total for today's adventure:
3 tickets                                        $90   (thankfully, we bought them back in Sept., Banks was free)
2 hotdogs & 1 bottle of water    $11
Quincy's horn                        $18
Handy Manny spinner                $18
Lemonade in water bottle         $8
Surprise Snow Cone                   $12 

Price of Disney in North Charleston        $157

It was worth it - the boys had a great time, we never-ever do things like this, and it just makes me want to go to Disney that much more!  I can't wait to take Hughes & Banks to Disney World.  I'm pushing for Hughes' b-day in the fall - keep your fingers crossed!


Rebecca said...

Taking your kids to Disney is amazing! We have gone twice, and I already can't wait to go back. Seeing the expressions on their little faces when they experience so many wonderful new things is priceless. It truly is a magical place! Let me know if you want any advice when you start planning your trip.

Jennifer said...

wow...$157. We're wondering what a good age would be to take Mary Lawton, so I look forward to reading about your future trip. Sounds like Rebecca is a good person to ask, too.