Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Banks at 1 1/2

Banks is a wild man!  He's loud and he thinks he's 3!  He has become very verbal not yet talking but definitely on the verge (he does have 2 words).  He uses his voice all the time and it's always the "outside voice".  Again, did I mention he's loud!  

 I'm not sure if this is Banks' 1st word but he can say "hughes".  He always says it in the morning when he sees him but never does it on command.  He also says "mmmma mmmma"  for milk.  He can say "mama" and "dada" but only if we prod him for it.  

He goes full steam throughout the entire day only taking a break for his afternoon nap.  He loves snacks but hates real food.  This has become a real problem.  He loves waffles, pancakes, chicken nuggets, fruit snacks, and milk.  He's walking the picket line against grilled cheese sandwiches - a staple in our household!  

He thinks he can jump and will attempt to if asked.  I love to ask him to do it!  He loves to feed Charlie throughout the day.  I think Charlie loves Banks the most for this reason.   He plays with whatever Hughes is playing with.  No baby toys for him - it's all Batman, Spiderman, guns, etc.  Oh, he also loves to wear hats - not ball hats, but dress-up hats:  construction hard hat, cowboy, fireman, Daniel Boone, etc.  He also loves to read books and have books read to him.  Unfortunately, when he tries to turn the pages sometimes he ends up ripping the pages.  Now, we keep a very close watch on him when he's near the bookshelf.

He wears me out.  Every night he collapses into the crib and I never hear a peep out of him!  He's a fantastic sleeper - no complaints here - I just wish he would eat more.

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