Monday, February 23, 2009

Stubborn Hughes

Lately, Hughes has been waking up in an awful mood in the morning.  Unfortunately for him, we have places to be on MTW mornings.  Most of the time, I am waking him up - he's like a teenager whom refuses to get out of the bed until I drag him out!  To add to this, his new favorite phrase is "I don't want to" - now, it doesn't sound quite like that but everyone knows what he's trying to say.  Oh, also picture this with his hands folded across his chest!  This phrase doesn't sit too well with me - any time I ask him to do something there is a 50% chance this is the response I'm going to get.  

Yesterday while riding bikes, Hughes decided he didn't want to ride his anymore.  He got off and started playing on a neighbor's joggling board.  Banks, meanwhile, has continued to walk down the sidewalk.  I'm yelling for Hughes to come on and he just ignores me - oh man, I was getting hot!  I continued to yell for him - I know he could hear me because I could see him just doing what he wanted to do.  He would look at me and then continue playing.  After about 5 minutes of giving him plenty of chances, I went down there and told him to get on his bike and come on.  He crossed his arms and said, "i don wunt to".  I did the magical 1,2,3 or you're getting a spanking, and he slowly got on his bike and peddled home at a snail's pace.  I was fuming the entire time.  How can this 3 year old already know how to push my buttons?

I'm just not sure this is what I had in mind when praying for the power of speech!  

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