Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Morning From H - E - Double Hockey Sticks

This has been my morning:

7:00  Wake Up and told we have no hot water

7:15  Hear Banks crying, decide to ignore for 10 more minutes

7:30  Say Good Morning to Banks only to have him swat and scream at me - he only wants David in the morning

8:00  Hughes wakes up screaming and in a horrible mood - refuses to come downstairs and screams everytime he sees us peak up the stairs

8:30  David climbs into the attic to make sure the hot water heater isn't exploding (which idiot decided the attic was a good place for the hot water heater?)  Hughes has retreated into his room crying.

8:35  No explosion of water except for the fact that Hughes teeteed all over the bathroom floor that I just cleaned on my hands and knees 5 days ago!  Hughes - still screaming retreats back to bedroom

8:40  David notices pilot light not lit - tries to reignite - no luck

8:45  Call SCE&G, they're on their way

8:50  Both Boys still screaming, David packing his lunch to go to work

9:00  David leaves, turn tv on, wait for "gas" man.

9:15  "Gas" man arrives, reignites the light, we have hot water - YEAH!  I take both boys outside for a long bike ride, it seems to calm them down.

Oh, yeah and  both boys have conjunctivitis which equals goopy eyed kids who hate their eye drops and their mama that holds them down to put them in!

It was a rough start to the day.  Banks is down for a nap, Hughes just had a bag of M&Ms for lunch, and I'm ignoring my messy kitchen.

I need a drink or at the very least some mexican food!


Courtney said...

Oh my, I feel for you! I hope the day got better!!

Anonymous said...

You need a girl's night out!

Jennie H.