Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Trick or Treaters

After the trick or treaters, we (Murphys, Steeds, and Holmans) had an adult party at the house complete with ghoul-ade, keg, jello shots, and lots of yummy food.  It's always fun getting to see people's imaginations and creativity at work.  There were some fabulous costumes.  I didn't manage to take lots of pictures but here are a few.
witches' fingers
Juno couple (Suzie and James - check out those legs)
Fisherman and a School of Fish
Pirates (Nelson and Anna)
Britney and K-Fed (Kelly and Ed - I'll never think of them the same again)
Goth Couple (Will and Jennifer - and, no, the piercings aren't real but did hurt)

There were also a Raising Arizona couple, Joe the Plumber, Sweet Tea Vodka Firefly, more pirates, witches, Dr.90210 with wife, beer pong table and ping pong ball,  and more.  Our individual costume winner was Chris (British Chris).  He made an excellent pirate - looked just like the ones you see at the Provost Dungeon downtown.  Our couples costume winner was Will and Jennifer for their portrayal as a goth couple.  It was a great night.

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Jennifer said...

looks like so much fun! You've inspired me to maybe plan something next year. And omg, is that Anna T.? I haven't seen her in a million years.