Monday, November 12, 2012


My blog account won't let me up load any pictures.  I was trying to change the top picture on my page. It is telling me my Picassa Web Album is full and wants me to pay or upgrade my account.  I just learned that blogger uses Picassa to upload pictures.  So my questions are:

1.  Those who use blogger, do you pay for your Picassa storage?

2.  If not, how do you get around it?

3.  Can I delete pictures off my Picassa Web Album to create more space?

4.  Any other advice would be great regarding my life, my children, my haircut, etc.  :)



The Crotwell Family said...
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The Crotwell Family said...

I had the same thing happen to me and unfortunately I started deleting them off my Picassa account to make more room but when I did that it replaced my pictures on my blog with a big black square with a white exclamation, I wouldn't recommend doing that. I did pay an extra $10 (I think) and bought more storage on my Picassa account. That fixed it right away, so I would suggest doing that. I don't know of any other way to fix the overload problem but to add more storage. It was frustrating to me too but I just paid for the extra space and it also provides me a safe place to store all my pictures for when I eventually decide to print them. Hope this helps and I hope you all are adjusting to your new home. I still keep up with y'all with your blog!

Nancy said...

This has not happened to me which is odd because I'm sure I started blogging before you?! I have heard it's fairly inexpensive to buy more storage. If you delete them from the web upload it will delete them from your blog. Check picasa (if that's what you use on your computer to store pictures) and uncheck the automatic upload to the web albums. I have mine set so I have to actually upload them if I want them on the web, except the pics it automatically pulls off my blog.

Your hair always looks great ;)