Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Magic Kingdom Day 1

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with Mickey. David stayed home to focus on finals and the boys and I headed off to Orlando with BecBec and PopPop. I'm thankful this year will be the last year that holidays get interrupted because of law school.

On the monorail heading into Magic Kingdom.

Welcome to Disney World!
Love some brotherly love! Hughes immediately said upon getting into the Magic Kingdom that he was not riding any roller coaster rides. Guess we scarred him last time with Goofy's Barnstormer. I thought Banks may be my roller coaster kid but the area with the Barnstormer was closed so I guess I'll have to test that theory next visit.

The Teacups with Pop Pop.
I wanted to throw up midway.

Collins and PopPop waiting outside of Dumbo. I also realized at this point that my boys have not seen a lot of the old Disney movies. I was trying to explain Dumbo and Hughes looked at me like I was crazy - baby elephant, huge ears, flies. Can't say I blame him.

BecBec and Hughes up in the air.

Buzz Lightyear time.
Definitely a family favorite.

Look who is having fun!

Total concentration.

Total Domination!

Jailed with Zerg or Zorg.
Something like that.

Winnie the Pooh

Sword in the Stone

Woo Hoo - Ride'em Cowboys!

Another Dumbo ride.

Goodbye Magic Kingdom!
The boys were troopers. We were at the park until 9pm.

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