Friday, November 11, 2011

Collins - 13 months

Collins is in to everything!
His favorite place to play is the back porch where he can cruise the table and get into all sorts of things - terrariums, dog food container, Charlie's bowls, the recycling bins, any toys that the boys might have left out there, Nerf foam bullets, etc. Yesterday I caught him under the table. He got pretty upset that he couldn't figure out how in the world to get out. I helped him and then he immediately went for Charlie's water bowl. I normally put this up but he was too quick for me this time. It was a warm day (not that you could tell by his outfit) so I wasn't too worried about a little water play.

Under the table

Splash Splash

Such a sweet face!

Playing with the terrarium top

At 13 months, Collins:
*eats any and all table food - we call him our Mikey.
*can cruise like a champ.
*can stand for about 2 seconds and then sits down gracefully.
*tried to put on his shoes by himself which is funny b/c my babies never wear shoes until it gets cold.
*loves to climb the stairs.
*loves bath time.
*has been sleeping better. The pneumonia/croup threw him off and now we're just getting back to his normal sleep
*got 2 more teeth so now we're up to 6.
*can clap and wave bye-bye.
*is a human garbage disposal with Charlie as his clean-up crew.

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