Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Animal Kingdom - Day 2

On Tuesday, we hit Animal Kingdom. This was definitely a more laid-back day than the previous one at Magic Kingdom. We got our fast passes for the safari ride and then headed straight to see The Lion King show.

Hughes practicing his wart hog face and snort. We were in the wart hog section for the show.

This show always entertains me.

After the show, we were ready for our safari.

The boys loved it.

Hughes kept telling me at the beginning of the safari that his favorite animal was the Eskimo. I kept asking him to repeat himself and explaining to him that an Eskimo is a person not an animal. After going back and forth several times, he finally pointed to a picture on the ceiling that had a whole slew of animals and he pointed to the antelope. I said, "antelope" and he said, "oh yeah, antelope".

Giraffes are so cool.

We saw all of the animals except for the lion. We could only see the tip of his tail swaying. Otherwise, it was a huge success. We saved the baby elephant from the poachers. The boys were concerned about the mother of the baby elephant. I didn't have the heart to tell them that it was only pretend. I love their innocent hearts.

On our way to DinoLand. We tried to get fast passes for the Yeti rollercoaster but they were all out. Mom & I were ready to take it on. Oh well, I'll settle for a dinosaur ride.

Playing in the dinosaur playground. The boys needed this running, climbing, sliding time.

Collins really, really enjoyed the dinosaur playground because he had been in the stroller all day the previous day and finally we were somewhere that I would let him really play around. He climbed these little rocks for what seemed like forever. He also has mad climbing skills.

One of the workers came up to me and told me that he had never seen a kid scale the rope ladder as fast as Hughes had done it. He was quite impressed. Maybe I should sign Hughes up for rock climbing? Just kidding - over my dead body is he going to scale the side of a mountain! Does he know what I went through to have him?

This is when Banks told me he was "sweatery". You gotta love it!

After the playground, we went around the corner and found the below dinosaur tucked away in the trees to have our lunch. We packed our lunch daily and treated ourselves to ice cream & snacks in the parks.

Of course when you're in DinoLand, you must hit the dinosaur gift shop. Not surprising the boys went straight for the dinosaurs that we bought two years ago when we were there. I steered them away from the "already purchased" dinosaurs. Hughes picked two geodes/crystals. He is really into rocks lately and will collect any and all. Banks picked two race cars - Mickey and Tigger.

We ended the day with the Nemo show. The boys were entertained with their new toys and Collins was entertained by the sweetest 9-year old boy sitting behind us. Thank heavens for him because otherwise it would have been me wrestling a greased pig for about an hour. But when the show started Collins was totally enamored. In fact, he did really well in all of the shows we went to. Well, except for the car show but that's for another post.

So, Day 2 ended at the park with 3 happy boys. Did I mention that the weather the entire time we were there was in the mid-70s? It was awesome weather.

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