Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mickey & Pumpkins

Last Thurday, we took Hughes and Banks to see Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic. Hughes didn't want to go at first and said he wasn't riding any roller coasters. I guess I scarred him when I made him ride Goofy's Barnstormer two years ago.

When we got there, of course, they were inundated with light-up swirly toys, swords, hats, shirts, more toys, etc. We let the boys pick out one souvenier and let them get one snack. $60 later we came away with two Buzz Lightyear swords that light up, one shark cup with snowcone inside of it and one bag of cotton candy that came with a Mickey crown. CHA-CHING!

But, I wouldn't trade that night. The boys' eyes lit up when the show started and we had great seats. At one point, the princesses and princes came out to do a dance number and Hughes looked at me and stuck his finger down his throat like to gag himself. I don't know where he learned this but it made me laugh out loud. Obviously, he doesn't like princesses. It was a 2 hour show and towards the end we were all tired but it was still fantastic.

Thanks Mickey for a special night!

On Friday, Hughes did not have school so I declared Banks not to have school, too. We went and had mexican for lunch which Hughes requested and then we went to Wally World to get our Halloween costumes. I have totally let go my need to make my boys' costumes and they are thrilled. So, without further adieu, here are our 2011 mass produced, cheaply made but lovingly adored costumes.

Hughes the Phantom, Banks the Power Ranger and that ghost is Sally the Lion from Hughes' class. Sally visited with us this weekend so we made her a costume, too.

**Side Story - that furry green thing in the background is a witch that hangs on the outside of the downstairs bathroom door. One morning Banks was jumping around grabbing himself and I told him to go to the bathroom to which he replied he couldn't. I asked him why and he said he was afraid of the witch. I had to show him that it was pretend and just for fun but he didn't believed me. This resulted in a little boy losing control of his bladder because he couldn't muster the courage to face the witch.

Now, on to decorating pumpkins. David has been busy studying so we decided this year to take the easy way out of decorating pumpkins. We used the push-in face parts (think Mr. Potato Head). It was awesome, no mess and very little clean-up.

The Boys
Hughes (6), Collins (1), and Banks (4)
Sally the Lion made the family picture, too.

Update on Collins: Collins is back to running a fever. He has never left the crummy feeling stage so we'll go back to the doctor tomorrow. He's barely drinking and not eating at all. You can't tell from the above picture but he was just whimpering.

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