Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Collins' 9 Months Post

Since the big boys are in St. Matthews for a couple of days, Collins and I have been busy doing things around the house. We've painted, we've cleaned, we've painted some more, etc. I think he misses his entertainment that the big brothers provide (I know I do).

At 9 months, Collins can sit up and he's trying to get on all fours to crawl. He can scoot backwards like a champ especially if he's on our hardwood floors. He got his first tooth just a week or two ago. He never fussed or whined to give me any indication that something was hurting. One morning, I just saw a little white speck poking through his gums and that was it. Hopefully the rest will come in just as easy (fingers crossed).

When I told Hughes and Banks that Collins got a tooth, Hughes said he wanted it to put in his treasure box and Banks wanted to hold it. Clearly, they did not understand the concept.

He loves to eat puffs and is getting really good at hand/mouth coordination. He's not a big fan of vegetables and is particular about his fruit. He can down a bottle in no time - this talent may come in handy when he's in college!

He's the sweetest baby and hardly ever makes a fuss. He loves for us to sing to him and always gives us the best smiles. He likes to go to the pool but constantly is trying to drink the pool. He puts his little face in the water and comes up with his tongue sticking out of his mouth like a dog. He loves Charlie and loves to sit beside him. Of course, Charlie loves Collins, too. I think that may be because of the puffs left in the highchair.

Where has 9 months gone? Slow down, you're growing up too fast!
Collins, we love you!

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