Friday, July 22, 2011

Collins' 9 month stats

I took Collins to the doctor the other day for his well-baby visit. The big boys stayed home with BecBec. Wow, it is so easy to just have one child to take to the doctor. Last time we were there, Collins had burnt his hand on a lightbulb and was rightfully fussing while Hughes & Banks tried to have a wrestling match in the waiting room and then the patient room. I think I got 10 new grey hairs just from that visit.

This visit - totally opposite. It was just me and Collins and he was totally relaxed. He studied Dr. Geils intensely as she listened to his heart and looked into his eyes. He never cracked a smile but also never frowned either. He was serious about his well-baby visit.

Length 28.5 inches 50%
Weight 19.5 pounds 50%
Head Circ. 47.5cm 95%

He continues to be at the 50% in growth but he's got a big noggin. Well, not really. In this family, a large head is just normal for a Holman boy.

No Shots at this apmt. When I was scheduling his 12 month visit, the front desk girls were so concerned about Collins' serious face. They asked me if he had gotten shots. I said no that he was just a serious baby and he was studying them. They all laughed and Collins continued to stare them down.

Sidenote: Collins 2nd tooth is coming in today. So, now we have two teeth! Yeah!

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