Saturday, April 23, 2011

Riverbanks Zoo

On Tuesday of Spring Break, I met my good friend, Julie, at the zoo with her two kids and mine. It was quite crowded and we started off a little rough with Hughes complaining of his shoes hurting. The inner-redneck came out in me and I let him go barefoot for the first 30 minutes. I figured, who am I going to see? What's it matter? Well, guess what? 20 minutes into the trip and I ran into Deyna, my sister-in-law from Charlotte. So, now there is an eyewitness to my bad parenting decision. However, soon after Hughes figured out how to ride on Collins' stroller which made his feet hurt less. In his defense, he did have a pretty nasty blister on his foot and bandaids were just not helping.

Collins, once again along for the ride.

Hughes deciding to catch a ride. He did complain that Collins was kicking him. I told him that was the price he paid for hitching the ride.

I spy something tall, yellow and brown with a long neck.

The kangaroo exhibit was pretty cool. You get to walk into their habitat. As in, there is nothing seperating you from the kangaroos.

Ending the zoo trip with an Icee.
Kate, Jake, Banks & Hughes

The big kids and the stinky flamingos.
Banks and I later had a long discussion on the stinky flamingos and the extinct dinosaurs. He kept telling me that dinosaurs were stinky and I tried to explain the difference but the words sound too much alike for a 3-year old to understand.

Riding the komodo dragon. Hughes liked this a lot since he is in his Reptile ABC book.

We had a great time. Hopefully, next time we can swing some adult-only time. It's hard trying to catch-up with 5 kids in tow.

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