Monday, April 11, 2011

Bojangles Baseball Team 2011

Baseball season has begun and there is a drastic difference between Hughes' attitude this year and last year. Last year, he did a lot of crying, refusing to play, a lot of bribes took place and he finally warmed up the last two games to actually participate. This year, however, he has participated in every practice (happily, I might add), worked on hitting/throwing/catching, and generally has a good time. We had our first game this past Saturday and, boy, was it hot! So, you can imagine, with one inning left the heat started to get to our team. But with his last time up at bat, Hughes cracked the ball past the 2nd baseman and ran to first. I brought back my ol' cheerleading days and was jumping up and down just like I would have for the Cavaliers with my pompoms. I was proud, David was proud, Hughes was very proud. Oh, did I mention BecBec, Kentos, Aunt Trina, Bryce, Lucius, Banks & Collins were also all in attendance and cheering loudly. He had enough batters behind him to get him to home plate.

The Team

Hughes - age 5

Check out those 3rd base coaches - ridiculously good looking

Running home with Mr. James ready to give a high-five

Conley taking a pose on 3rd base - he's serious about baseball

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