Saturday, April 23, 2011

Animal Grossology - State Museum

On Monday during Spring Break, we originally headed to Columbia to explore at EdVenture but it was closed so with the boys crying I made a quick plan-change and headed to the State Museum across the street. We've been there before when it had the dinosaur exhibit and the boys loved it. This time the special exhibit was Animal Grossology - as in all things GROSS about animals! Think burps, toots, poops, etc. A little boy's heaven!!!!!

Hughes and Banks at the beginning. The parrot was talking to them.

Really, Mom?

This was the Vomit Slurper. In a nut shell, if a fly lands on your food then don't eat it.

Banks checking the loo about information on the tape worm.

The infamous cow that burped and tooted. You could watch the digestion through his four stomachs - yes, I typed that correctly. A cow has four stomachs which is why it is the gassiest animal on the planet. Hence why this cow burped and tooted. I missed pictures of the battling dung beetles, frog game and all sorts of other gems.

We explored the rest of the museum, too.

Future Paleontologists

Model of a TRex Skull


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