Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy 6 Months!

Collins turned 6 months old this week. His personality is blossoming and he wants to "eat" everything.

It's hard to get him to sit still for a picture so we have lots of action shots.

Okay, now we seem calm. At least one picture that is not blurry.

What is Collins doing?
He's eating food - sweet potatoes, apple sauce, and carrots
Not rolling over - Dr. doesn't seem to be concerned
Not sitting up - Dr. doesn't seem to be concerned
Smiling/Laughing all of the time
Reaching and grabbing toys
Mouthing toys, everything within reach
Sleeping like a champ - 7pm - 7am
Takes incredible naps when we're home
Loves it when Hughes or Banks sing to him
Absolutely loves bath time
Looks a lot like Hughes to me

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