Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To The Boys

Dear Hughes,
When you come home crying from a friend's house, I cry with you. Not always in front of you but I always cry tears for you. You are a sensitive boy and feel things deeply. You wear your heart on your sleeve and at this age and the coming years that will be tough. I hope Dad and I can guide you to where you are able to let some things roll off your back but still maintain your sweet nature. And know, whenever you need to let your tears flow, I'm always here to listen.

Dear Hughes & Banks,
It doesn't matter what color cup, plate, or straw you have. All food and drinks taste the same no matter what color container they are in/on. If you don't get it together, I'm going to give all of the colored cups, plates & straws away to children who don't have colored cups, plates & straws. And then you will be left drinking out of the cups of your hands and eating food off of the floor.

Dear Banks,
The threes are not suiting you. Sometimes, I swear, I think your head is spinning. One day we will look back at this time and laugh. But, right now, I'm not laughing.

Dear Collins,
Thank you for being a great sleeper. You definitely know what mom needs. Can I give you some advice that would make my job easier? Don't get so relaxed in the tub to the point that you poop? I understand that accidents happen but when said "poop" has been cleaned out, tub cloroxed down, refilled with clean water, baby placed back in tub to get washed, don't go and then poop again before I have a chance to wash you. Then, I have to go through the entire process again before I can officially wash you with soap. Next time, do it to your father when I'm out of the house :)


Nancy said...

Dear AW,

You make me laugh.


elisabeth said...

These are priceless. I love the honesty.

Courtney said...

I should print these out and insert my kids' names. You crack me up.