Friday, February 4, 2011

Collins - 4 months old

Today Collins is 4 months old!

It seems like just yesterday I was as big as a house, waddling around the neighborhood chasing Hughes & Banks, complaining of exhaustion, sick of sleeping on my side, hot as h&%*, Tums addicted, and praying for a healthy baby boy. And now, I have that healthy baby boy and life couldn't feel more complete.

He's cooing, He's drooling, He's watching, and He's sleeping like a Champ!
I put him down at around 7 and he sleeps until 7 (at least that is what time we get him out of the bed). Sometimes he feels the need to wake-up at 5am but homeboy just puts himself back to sleep - Mama doesn't do 5am.

He's very observant and loves to watch the older boys. Hughes and Banks continue to love him and Banks has shown a real interest in holding him (which could be good & bad). He loves to sit in the Bumbo but still doesn't like tummy time.

I'm still nursing him 4 times a day and then he gets a formula bottle (8oz) at 7pm right before he goes to bed. He's not quite as big as his brothers were at this age but that's okay. He's perfect for Collins.

Length: 24 1/2 inches 45%
Weight: 13.15 oz. 25%
Head Circ: 43 cm. 75%

Happy 4 Months Birthday, Monkey!

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