Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving down at the creekhouse with my family. The weather was perfect and there was a ton of food. The boys thoroughly enjoyed all the attention especially from Anna Banks, Emma & Bryce not to mention the extra boy to play with (Lucius).

Banks and Collins ready for The Iron Bowl.

My boys

Gotta love that sweet face

Our babysitter Anna Banks - she was a huge help on Friday and Saturday!

Emma and Banks horsing around.

Of course, you can't not go shopping on Black Friday if you're with Becky soooooooo we left the creekhouse at 2:45am - yes, you read that correctly. Michele, mom and I left the creekhouse at 2:45am to get to Target at 3:30am. We weren't even close to being the first ones in line. Target didn't open until 4am and we probably had at least 300-400 people in front of us. I figured since I was up nursing anyway I might as well jump in the car. Now, this was Collins first Black Friday shopping trip (and probably the last) but he did great. Somehow being so far back in the line did not stop Becky from snagging one of the 46 inch tv's that Target had advertised. Mom can always find the deal!!! I got most of my Santa shopping done. We hit Toys'r Us afterwards and then had to fuel up at IHOP. After that it was about 10am and I was toast. Collins and I came back to the creekhouse to catch some naps before The Iron Bowl. Mom and Michele hit a few more stores.

And, what a way to end a Black Friday but with your team winning The Iron Bowl!!!! We had a great time watching it on the porch on the new tv down at the creekhouse. It is truly an experience to watch an Auburn game with Bull (Little Bill) not to mention the roller coaster the game was. We were all smiles the 2nd half and lots of celebration ensued after the clock ticked down.

It was a great weekend spent with family.

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