Monday, November 15, 2010

Too Cute Not To Post

1. I was upstairs. Collins was downstairs in the swing and had started crying. I came down the stairs and heard Hughes singing "Happy Birthday" to him. It melted my heart. Hughes then saw me and told me that the song would make Collins happy again. He ended the song with a jubilant "I love you Collins".

2. I asked Banks if he wanted to feel Collins. He told me "mama, I can't feed Collins. I got no elbows."

3. Hughes asking me what Santa was going to bring Collins. I responded with diapers.

4. Getting in the car one night after Financial Peace Collins was crying. Hughes said "it not monsters, Collins. It's just me"

5. Banks has been quite needy these days with lots of tantrums and yelling. One morning he told me to "stop talking" when I was reprimanding him. I said "excuse me". He said " stop talking please". At least he tried to use his manners - does one right cancel out a wrong?

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