Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clemson Spring Game

This past weekend we went to Clemson for the day to watch the spring game and let the kids participate in Be A Tiger Day. It was a beautiful day in Clemson and we had a great time. The boys were both sporting their CJ Spiller jerseys and making their dad proud. We started the day at Tiger Town where we had a pretty bad lunch but David got to reminisce about his college days and enjoyed an ice cold beer. From there we headed over to Little John where the Be A Tiger festivities were being held. Each event(tug-o-war, rowing, hurdles, soccer, cheerleaders) was being hosted by a Clemson athlete and you had to get their signature at the completion of each event. When you got your card full, then you turned it in for a t-shirt.

David and the boys before we started our events.

Hughes and Banks dribbling the soccer ball between the orange cones.

David showing Hughes how to jump the hurdles.

Hughes attempting the hurdles - check out that form!

The boys posing with a cheerleader. This was after she painted a tiger paw on their hands. Hughes is saying "Go Tigers".

Banks trying his best at the rowing machine.

Giving the Tiger Cub a high five before the spring game.

Enjoying some cold treats during the 1st quarter. We ran into Brad and Grayson so the kids got a little time to hang out. The boys made it through the first quarter and then the days' activities took their toll and they both fell asleep in the stroller during the 2nd quarter. We left at halftime (we knew we were going to win) and headed back to York. It was a great day and it ended with a fabulous meal made by Mrs. Pat and Dr. Dave! Although it was a short visit, we really enjoyed ourselves and the boys had a great time!

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