Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Holman Crew!

We rang in 2010 in Edisto with some great friends. We had a house full with 4 families (8 adults, 7 children), a tremendous amout of food, and a fully stocked bar! It was a great way to welcome to the new year.

Right before the boys were put down for the night. Hughes and Banks really liked blowing the horns. So much so, that Hughes was still blowing his yesterday. It has since been confiscated!

Sporting a New Year's hat

Conley, Chandler, Madeline, Banks, Braedon, and Hughes - Elliott is either missing or behind Madeline - The younger kids were not a fan of being plopped on the couch for the photo shoot.

Still blowing the horn.

Kids down - it's time to PARTY! Laura, me and Suzie with James peeking behind.

Steaming oysters. What a great New Year's Eve dinner! They were fabulous!

The Ladies of the House - me, Suzie, Laura and Kelly

YUM, oysters! I think David and I need to get a cooker and steam pot. Thanks Steeds!

What party at Edisto would be complete without a visit from the PoPo? Well, apparently, our music was too loud during our oyster feast. Hey, no one was arrested and we had a photo op!

Happy New Year!

New Year's Day was all about the Auburn game, Pillow Mountain, and the Wii. Conley, Hughes and Banks gathered 3/4 of the pillows inside the beach house, piled them on top of each other in the den, and proceeded to jump on top of pillow mountain. It was cold outside so this was their exercise.

Hughes didn't want to wear his football jersey so we let Conley wear it. Go Bo!

Banks mid-jump in his Bo Jackson jersey.

Hughes doing a cannon ball.

Beaufort Stew for dinner - thanks Deprills!

After dinner and the kids went down, the adults had a Wii bowling competition. It was intense for some of us.

Kelly - our runner up. I think she may have a 2nd career of professional bowler if the law stuff doesn't work out!

Mike - unfortunately Mike didn't quite have the feel of the Wii and bowled mostly gutter balls - too much spin!

In between clogging demonstrations, Laura bowled pretty well.

Ed, by far, had the funkiest bowling stance. I didn't capture it here but, trust me, it was funky.

James concentrating on the pins. He also gave us a little salute to the Summeral Guards with a marching demonstration using a mop.

Suzie showing us how it's done. This was between her concert she and Laura held that night. Girl has got some pipes!

David - our champion. He rolled 4 strikes in a row - I always knew I married a winner!

Me in my pajama pants. Hey, it was night and I was comfy.

Hughes freezing in the backyard playing jungle quest (aka walking through the brush in the backyard).

David was the monster in jungle quest.

The fort made from palm fronds. Very Cool!

Elliott hanging out in the fort.

The trip was awesome. We only had a 45 minute drive back to Johns Island. I'm looking forward to what 2010 will bring us.

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