Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinosaurs Please!

We visited the SC State Museum on Saturday in Columbia to see their Dinosaur exhibit. It was so cool! Hughes was in heaven, Banks was a little terrified and David and I were impressed. Most of the dinosaurs are animotronic (sp?) and so they move and to a two-year old they look real! Hughes was running from one dinosaur to the next - he could barely contain his excitement. Banks, on the other hand, immediately said, "up peaz" and viewed the dinosaurs from the safety of his mother's/father's hip. The exhibit is there through February. I would highly recommend going! Besides, the museum is awesome on it's own - throw in a dinosaur exhibit and it becomes fabulous!

Hughes pretending to feed the baby stegosaurus.

Hughes, Banks and David in front of the baby t-rex.

This exhibit was a tad gruesome - notice the bloody head of another dinosaur in the t-rex's mouth. I know this exhibit was for facts but, geez, did we have to see that!

Hughes saying, "dinosaur" instead of cheese. He was in hog heaven!

Banks giving the dinosaur the "stink eye".

Proof that I was there.

My Little Paleontologists

After we made our way through the dinosaurs, our other favorite exhibit was the space/astronaut. It had an entire "game room" that dealt with gravity, velocity, prizms, etc. The boys had a fantastsic time and had to be pulled from the room. Hughes showed a special interest in the movie about the space rover and learning about the moon.

It was a great family day and we topped it off by swinging through Krispy Kreme for some hot doughnuts on our way back to Charleston.

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