Friday, January 22, 2010

Cars, Mailboxes & New Words

Well folks, yesterday was not a good day for the cars of the Holman family. Yesterday morning, David rear-ended a truck with a huge hitch. Luckily, the hitch broke his Clemson tag and that was it. No need for the cops, no need for the insurance companies to get involved, nothing. Whew - that was a close one!

Not to be outdone, I hit our mailbox with the suburban or should I say the mailbox reached out and hit me! However, it was not my fault! I was getting the mail and shut the mailbox door. As I was driving away, the mailbox door fell back open and, well, I now have about an 18 inch scratch in my car. Being the wonderful mother that I am, I yelled "f*&(", opened the car door to access the damage, slammed the car door, muttered another bunch of explicatives and then got back in the car. I'm steaming. And then Hughes asks me, "mama, why you say fa?" over and over again. So, now, I'm completely embarrrassed because I've just taught my 4-year old his first curse word and it's by far one of the worst ones!

I have a scratch repair man coming to the house right now to hopefully repair the scratch and wipe away my memory of the mailbox. I'll never forget Hughes asking, "mama, why you say fa?". Oh, and just for the record this would be the 3rd mailbox that I've hit in our neighborhood.
  1. Virginia's mailbox - I backed into and knocked it loose. It gave my brand-new car some nice scratches. And when I say "brand new", I mean I had had the car for about 3 hours. I think I had a nervous breakdown about telling David about that one. Their mailbox was fine.
  2. (Not totally my fault) I had driven David's Explorer home from the beach because he had been drinking. So, I was the DD. Well, I guess I didn't push the emergency brake down all the way and while we were napping, it rolled out of our driveway and Anna's mailbox stopped it for us. Again, I was the DD so that's got to come with some forgiveness on this matter. Their mailbox was fine.
  3. And, now, the mailbox that hit me yesterday!
What's worse - me hitting 3 mailboxes in our neighborhood or me teaching Hughes a new word? I think the best thing that happened to me yesterday was that David also had a minor wreck so that left him in no position to lecture me or make me feel bad! Thanks David!

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Jennifer said...

I am still laughing after reading this. We had a suburban when I was a kid (maybe you remember?) and my mom frequently hit the barricades around gas pumps and also this pole on a street corner on our route to school. That poor car. My mom would die if she knew I was writing this.