Monday, December 7, 2009

Zoo Trip

Last week, the boys and I headed to St. Matthews for a few days while David used the free time to study. Mom and I took the boys to the zoo on Friday and the weather was perfect. Now, don't get me wrong, it was very cool but not freezing cold, yet. The weather kept everyone away and if there hadn't been a field trip group I think we would have been the only ones there.

Hughes still isn't too sure about the merry go round. He prefers to sit on the sleigh instead of ride one of the animals. Banks talked a big game but ended up on my lap. It is kind of ridiculous that it costs $2/child to ride.

Checking out the giraffes. Banks is big into "mama giraffe, daddy giraffe, mama bird, daddy bird". Get the picture? I'm constantly pointing out the mama and the daddy with every animal. The baboons made it very easy to tell which one was the male.

Me trying to convince the boys to climb on the statue and let me take their picture. They thought I was crazy. Of course, a 33-year old woman does look crazy sitting on top of a baby elephant!

I could stare at this gorilla all day. I find him fascinating and the boys did, too.

And, we finally got enough courage to touch one of the statues and finally realized that they were pretend and not real animals.

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