Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Auburn vs. Miss St.

I took the boys to the Auburn vs. Miss State game. And when I say "I took", by that I mean, I got in my parents' RV and rode the entire 6 hours watching Little Einsteins while in a recliner, feeding the boys snacks while they lay on the back bed, tailgating with friends and family all day who entertained my children and then taking them to a babysitter so I could go to the football game. It was a night game so don't feel bad for my boys. They were exhausted and wouldn't have made it through the first quarter (especially considering Auburn is on Central time and we run on Eastern). I have a great friend in Auburn, Joanna, who is so nice to let us stay with her every football season. Joanna and Dave have a son, Prather, who is Banks' age and all the boys play so well together. She has a babysitter for every home game lined up so it worked perfectly for me.

My parents' new addition to their tailgate paraphenalia - a huge Aubie! The boys loved it!

Prather and Banks having a photo op with Aubie.

Hughes - Future Tiger (Auburn or Clemson?)

Game Day - We decided that Hughes was big enough to move out of the jonjons and into the jerseys this season. Banks is still sporting the War Eagle jonjon and looking mighty cute!

On a side note, when I got home after the game and was sneaking in my bedroom b/c I didn't want to wake the boys, I heard Hughes say, "mama" very softly. I told him that I was right there and to go back to sleep. He repeated "mama" but this time louder. Again, I told him to go back to sleep. And then Banks chimed in "mama". Anyone who has met Banks knows that he is no quiet child. He's loud. So, again I told the boys that I was right there and to lay back down and go to sleep. A few quiet seconds passed. I take a deep breath. Hughes says, "Banks get out of my bed". Huh? I opened the bedroom door to cast some light into our bedroom and there are both my boys in the pac'n play together! I'm not sure if Hughes' climbed in after the sitter put him to bed or if the sitter put them both in the pac'n play together. All I know is that both my boys were in there together. How they ever feel asleep in the first place is beyond me? Hughes has a toddler-sized air mattress that we travel with and has never had any problem sleeping on it.

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Joanna said...

Prather misses his friends!! I love the story about the boys in the pac-n-play and have told so many people about it! We can't WAIT until next season. War Eagle!