Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Firetruck Tour

Two weeks ago, we met Suzie and Lisa at the James Island Fire Department for a tour. This fire station is right across the street from a playground that the boys and I venture to weekly. We always check the firetrucks out from afar but this day we got to go on a tour. They showed us the truck and all the compartments of the truck, the fire pole, and inside the firehouse and where they sleep. It was a great tour and the fireman were terrific with the kids.

Banks, Hughes, Conley and Firewoman Hannah listening intensely.

Fireman showing the kids what he would look like when he came into their house to rescue them - kinda frightening looking!

Conley and Hannah

Banks and Hughes being silly

Group Shot - Lisa, Hannah, Conley, Chandler, Suzie, Banks, me, and Hughes
Check out the lovebirds eyeing each other!

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