Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear Banks

What a difference a year can make?

Above - Banks 1 year old Below - Banks 2 years old

Dear Turkey Boy,

Today you told me "no turk boy". I then asked, " what are you then" and you said, "choo choo". So, I guess I have to refer to you as "choo choo boy" from now on. WOW, I can't believe you're two (you think you're four!) You are obsessed with "choo choos" right now and can throw a mean spiral with the small football. You adore Hughes and want to do everything he does. Occasionally, you do get mad at him and that is when the hitting starts. I pop your hand but then you just try to hit me. Don't worry, I always win and you will one day learn this. Right now, we're just trying to tame your little 2-year old temper.

You says lots of things:
"sit, go" - which means ready , set, go - sounds a lot like a curse word
"sit, sit" - when you want one of us to sit by you - really sounds like a curse word
"hush" - when you're telling Charlie to be quiet
"up peez" - up please
"ughes" - whenever you're calling Hughes
"dada wurk" - whenever I ask you where Daddy is
"mama hmm" - whenever I ask you where I am - mama home
"uh-huh" - yes, we're working on using the word yes
"noooooo" - you draw it out for a few seconds

You started going to school for two mornings/week with your brother. You're not real sure about drop-off but you're always having a blast when I pick you up at noon. You sleep like a champ at night and still take a 2.5 hour afternoon nap which helps me greatly. You have used the potty twice now before getting into the tub (you are mimicking your brother but actually went).

You typically look like pig-pen by the end of the day. You are a sweaty, dirty-faced boy but I love every speck of dirt on your little body. You crack me up and exhaust me at the same time. You kiss all my booboos (you think freckles/moles are booboos) when I kiss yours. You tan with the best of them (even with 45 SPF) and I think you're going to be a beach boy.

I love you choo-choo boy to the moon and back!

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