Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo - How about you, you, you?

The Saturday after Christmas, we met some of my St. Matthews friends at the Riverbanks Zoo.  Between Ashley, Julie and myself there are 5 children and one on the way (no, it's not me).  It was a little overcast but pleasant.  There was hardly any one there.  We had a great time catching up and letting the kids play around.  We headed to the Vista for lunch afterwards where the kids were perfect once again.  It was truly a great adventure.

Check out these love birds!  The zoo has this exhibit where you can go into the birds' free flying area - yeah, sounds great, huh?  Well, not when they have diarrhea!  David and I braved the cage with the boys.  When I first walked in, one immediately flew down and sat on my shoulder.  I was scared stiff!  He quickly flew off after realizing I had not bought any nectar to feed him.  David got pooped on but lucky for him he had on a windbreaker so it came off real easy with some wipes.  I, too, got hit but just a little on the cuff of my coat.  At that point, we decided to leave the birds to themselves and get the hell out of dodge!

Snack Time!
Anna Parker and Grayson Cuttino, Kate Wehman, Banks and Hughes Holman

The husbands opted out of this photo.

When we started to head home, we quickly learned of 26 being at a standstill thanks to a timely phone call from Ashley.  We averted the traffic  and hit the backroads.  You forget how interesting the backroads of SC can be!

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