Thursday, December 4, 2008

WARNING - Bodily Fluid Discussed Below!

It has been quite an explosive day here in the Holman household.  For the past couple of days, Hughes has had controlled diarrhea - yep, I said it.  Thank goodness he is potty trained!  Other than the occasional potty time, he's been fine - eating good, playing normal, sleeping better than usual.  So, this morning Banks gets up and he wasn't into his grits as he usually is in the morning.  This boy can put away two packets of instant grits and still cries when they're all gone.  So, when he didn't even finish one packet that should have given me a heads up.   Of course, BAnks waits until after David leaves for work AND we're upstairs on the carpet  before he lets the grits come exploding from his mouth - all over our bedroom carpet, all our David's bedroom shoes, all over anything that is near.  After I cleaned that up, the other end of him started acting up.  15 month old s and diarrhea don't mix.  His hiney is raw, he's puking everywhere, and there is not a whole lot that I can do.  I pretty much did a lot of laundry today and a lot of changing clothes.  You would think - Oh, poor Anne Wimberly.  But no, David comes home from work and Banks immediately wants to go to him.  David is contently snuggling with Banks when Banks gets the great idea to welcome him home with a huge explosion.  David was shocked.  I cleaned it up, told David I would start a bath, and left him and the boys downstairs.  David brings the boys upstairs, bathes Banks, gets Banks out of the tub and into a towel when Banks decides to show Dad his new trick with his hiney!  

After all this cleaning up, David asked me how I made it through the day without crying.  I think Banks did all that to David to show him what he had been putting his mama through all day.  Let's pray this stomach bug is a one-day visitor.  I'm not sure I can do this all again tomorrow!

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