Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

Well, I caved.  I finally took my boys to Chuck E. Cheese.  I had a lot of reservations about this place (food terrible, dirty, someone got shot in the parking lot last year, etc.).  We got some coupons in the mail which sparked my interest.  So, we decided to go the Wednesday before Thanksgiving b/c no one wanted to cook and figured there wouldn't be a lot of people there.  We were correct on the people party - I think there were two other families there in the entire place.  I mean, it was dead.  Which was great, because Hughes and Banks could run around and I didn't have to be scared I would lose them in a crowd.  Also, we had my two cousins who are students at USC join us.  

We had 150 tokens and the games are one token each.  Banks' favorite ride was the car with Chuck E. where you get your picture.  He wanted to keep riding it until he saw the skee ball game.  Then, he just wanted to get in the way and play with the balls.  Hughes, I think, just loved running around and checking out all the games.  He really enjoyed sitting in the race car game pretending to drive it even though he couldn't see over the steering wheel.  The rest of the adults enjoyed playing the games and winning tickets for the boys.  We had a blast and the pizza wasn't bad at all.  So, my opinion of Chuck E. Cheese has changed for now.

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