Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of Preschool for Collins

Last child to start preschool!  I'm not sure whether to cry or smile.

Collins started Aldersgate Day School in the Pre-3's Class today.  He will go three mornings a week and his teachers are Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Allen.  He was very excited this morning about his backpack and going to play with his new friends.

Collins barely gave me a wave over the shoulder before jumping right in and playing with the trucks.  I had no doubt this is how it would go down.  Homeboy knows I'm going to come back for him and he loves to play.

Shot on the steps before we leave and a big brother shot.
All three in school - 2nd, Preschool, K5

This is the same outfit and backpack that Hughes and Banks also started preschool in.  They both started when they were 2 so bear that in mind when looking at the bottom pictures.

 Hughes (2)                                                       Banks (2)                             Collins (3)

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