Friday, July 19, 2013

Serpentarium and The Steeds

On Thursday, we ventured to the Edisto Serpentarium with Suzie, Conley and Chandler.  I'm not positive if the boys were more excited to see the animals or their friends.  Either way, it was a win win.

Our crew

There are two snake pits - venomous and nonvenomous.  These pits are rather large and are filled with snakes slithering in the water, grass, sega palms, and tree branches.  It was pretty freaky seeing all of these snakes hanging out in the trees.

Suz and ChanChan

Collins is holding on because a snake pit is right behind him.

Waiting on the alligator feeding

Big George (on land) was hungry and clearly rules all of the other gators.

After the serpentarium, we headed back to the creekhouse for lunch and swimming in the creek.  The kids were having a great time on the tubes.

And, then, the mood drastically shifted.  One started crying/panicking that something was going to get them and the others fed off of the hysteria.  Banks and Hughes were first out of the water and quickly got sent to the house to change because of their hysteria.  Then, Chandler and Conley weren't too far behind. 

 Bottom line is this:  Don't go swimming in the creek if you don't have a willing adult to go in after the panicking children in the water.  I don't swim in the creek (or lake, ocean, pond, etc.) therefore why all the kids had on lifejackets.  

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