Thursday, July 18, 2013

Say What?

Current confessions or conversations going on:

(while at a boutique kitchen store)
I'm paying at the counter after taking all three boys to the Hammock Shops in Pawley's Island and turn to them and say rather triumphantly, "we are through with our shopping".  Hughes then says right in front of the employee "and I am through picking my nose" in the same triumphant tone that I used.  

(while rinsing off at the beach in the outdoor shower)
Hughes:  Mom, girls don't have penises.
Me:  You're right
Hughes:  How do they teetee?
Me:  We have a hole.  (said very matter factually just hoping the conversation was over)
Hughes:  Can I see it?
Me:  no  (I am not ready to have this discussion!)

Banks:  BecBec, you don't have a penis but you can still teetee.  I think you keep teetee at the end of your penis.  (clearly my boys have noticed a difference between girls and boys)

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