Thursday, June 27, 2013

Like a Man

Hughes had his blood drawn today for some blood work that the geneticist ordered.  This is for the test that we had to have insurance approval for.  Dr. Rosenbaum said it costs around $3000 so I was shocked/pleased that our insurance company agreed to cover it 100%.  

I was a little nervous about how he would react but he did fantastic.  He didn't shout or yell or even whimper.  He took it like a man.

I shielded him from looking at the needle going in and this was his reaction.  I'm not sure how many 7-year olds would have handled it this well.

Of course, every good deed deserves to be rewarded.  Surprise, Surprise.  Hughes chose a new Lego from the Chima series.  Thankfully, he always chooses the cheap ones and not the $50 and up kits.

On the way home I was telling him how proud I was of how he handled the appointment and said "you're a pretty great 7-year old".  He replied with "well, you're a pretty great mom".  Score one for Hughes!  Flattery will get you everywhere.

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