Thursday, June 27, 2013

Go Nats!

Last Friday, David's firm had a Family Night at the Nationals' game.  I loaded the boys up on the metro and took off to the ballpark to meet David.  They had a great time watching the mascots walking around and getting to play a pitching game.

The Bigs with Abe

Cotton Candy time!  I think they were the most excited about this!

Cotton Candy Beards - Thankfully I carry wipes with me :)

Pitching time at the Coca-Cola tent

Heading into the game - Collins is ready

It was a warm night with seats directly in the sun.  Up until about the top of the 5th we were cooking.

We left soon after and got some pics with the displays.  Banks was too cool at this point.

And this is what we did the next day - Dress Up!

Collins has fallen into the exact same footsteps as his big brothers and loves to dress up in costumes.  Today we have a dinosaur which I'm thinking may be his halloween costume this year.  He looks so cute as a blue dinosaur!

And, Banks is still sporting the pterodactyl costume.  This was Hughes costume when he was 4.  Hughes also wore it until it was extremely too small and was most likely causing circulation problems in some important areas.  Banks is continuing the tradition of squeezing into it.  

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