Friday, June 21, 2013

Baseball Season is Over - Hallelujar!

Finally, our season has come to a close.  We've put the cleats away, stored the bats and gloves, and now have a clear schedule.  We had a lot of rain the last couple of weeks which meant I got my hopes up numerous times about games being cancelled only to watch the rain go around us and always leave our field dry.  Seriously?

But, we had a great t-ball season.  Banks loved it and I loved watching him.

Here he is super proud of his trophy.

Banks and Charlie

Hughes also had a great machine-pitch season.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died at his party so I ended up with zero pictures of him getting his signed baseball.  His coach said a few words about each of the players and he said something along the lines of - Hughes, I wasn't really sure about you.  You were always so quiet but when you got up to bat, you hit that ball hard.  In fact, you always hit the ball.  Way to go, man.

Way to go, boys!  I'm proud of both of you.

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