Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Visit 2012

On Friday night we went to Pentagon City to see Santa Clause.  Nothing is easy to get to around here.  In Charleston, it was hop in your car and you're there in 10 minutes.  Here I have to leave an hour ahead of time, fight traffic, and pray I don't get lost.  

David rode the metro after work to meet us so it worked out perfectly.

Banks was telling Santa that he wants a basketball goal and a remote controlled car.

Hughes wants a remote controlled helicopter and Snakebite (remote controlled car).
I've been telling the boys that sometimes Santa brings surprises and not everything you asked for.  Hope they remember that because there are no remote controlled anythings coming on the 25th.

Collins handled Santa like it was an every day occurrence.  Of course having two older brothers that just hop right up there probably helped a little.

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