Friday, December 14, 2012

Present Meltdown

I put presents under the tree about 3 hours ago.  Banks has had three meltdowns about opening presents since then.  There is only one present under the tree for him, all of the rest are for cousins.  One meltdown was about his present being smaller than Hughes' present.  Apparently, at 5 size matters.  One of us may not make it until the 25th if we continue to have these meltdowns - me or him, Santa can choose.

Also, Banks found Collins' big Santa gift.  It was poor planning and forgetfulness on my part.  I put it in our office and forgot about it.  Banks went in there which he never does.  He called my name and I knew immediately what had happened.  The only thing that I could think of was that it was for another child down the street and that I just picked it up for his mom.  Of course, then he put basketball goal on his Christmas list.  I guess Collins' big present just got moved to the group present.  Poor Collins.

Oh, and I bought a toy today that requires 18 batteries - WHAT!  So, if you're looking for something to get Hughes, get him AA batteries:)  I mean, if it takes that many batteries then I just assume you put a plug in it.

Today at lunch with Hughes the discussion at the table turned bad and I think I started it.  I was trying to make conversation with a table of 7 first graders and I thought I would ask them what was on their Santa list.  BIG MISTAKE, HUGE, GIANT
One little boy spews out the ugly truth.  You know, the one about S-a-n-t-a not being real.  He continues to say, "it really is your mommies and daddies".  Thank goodness another doe-eyed student refuted everything the kid said.  And, I'm happy to report that Hughes was in la-la land and I'm 99.9% positive didn't hear a word.  I'm also 99.9% positive that the kid with the hearing problem didn't hear him either.  So, that makes at least 2 that still believe in Mrs. Wightman's first grade class.  I now know not to bring up that conversation again.  While the boy was spewing his ugly truths, I was desperately trying to change the subject "Do you think it's going to snow over the holidays"  "What games do you play at recess".  Next time I'll just eat my sandwich and be quiet:)

Tonight, we're going to see Santa Claus at Pentagon City.  David is meeting us there after work.  Hopefully ol' St. Nick will have some wise words for my boys about cleaning up the playroom and not yelling at each other.  

And, last but not least, Collins continues to be the sweetest two-year old ever.  He deserves all the toys and presents under the tree.  Although, he does have a killer fruit snack habit and don't even mention the word "doughnut" around this boy.  He'll eat the whole dozen before you can say Merry Christmas. 

Off to see the jolly ol' fellow! 

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