Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Miracle

Before we get to the miracle part, check Collins out.  Poor guy fell asleep mid-play.  Sometimes I feel like doing that, too.

On Saturday night, we had the SKGF Christmas party downtown.  It was a nice evening of meeting David's co-workers not to mention the great food and drinks that accompanied them.

And, here we get to The Miracle - all three boys smiling and looking at the camera!!!!!  Holy Moley, the stars must have aligned because I've never seen all three with such pleasant looks on their faces and looking at the camera.  I was very happy.  And, there was no bribing by me or threats for that matter either.

These were taken before church on Sunday.  The boys sang in the children's choir on Sunday morning.  Precious songs but I'm not sure my boys sang any but they were up there and that counts!

Collins modeling our stockings for us.  I have stockings that match but Collins' stocking has yet to get his name monogrammed on it - I know, the kid is 2 but I keep forgetting!

 You can barely see them but Hughes and Banks are on the 2nd row on the bottom.  Hughes is right below the girl in the black cardigan on stage and Banks is below the boy in orange on stage.  All you can see are their heads.


Stacey Iofredo said...

OH MY GOSH...AW, you look so beautiful!!!!! The boys look great too, of course, but you are a total babe!!!!!
Glad you're having so much fun!!!

elisabeth said...

AW - I LOVE reading your blog and keeping up with y'all in DC. I also have to say that I stand amazed at all that you manage to do with three boys in a new city. I don't do 1/4 of what you do and I have only 2 in a city I'm familiar with! Happy Advent!