Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Take me out to the ballfield . .

Baseball season is coming to an end.  We only have a few more games left between the two boys and I'm exhausted.  It was a fun season with Banks doing t-ball and Hughes doing coach-pitch.  It will be sad to leave Hughes' baseball team because he's been with the same coach and players for three years.  Coach Rod was awesome with him and I hope we're as lucky in DC finding a coach like him.

Pictures were last weekend so here are a few shots I got with my camera.

 Banks - age 4

 Lucius - age 5

 Banks' and Lucius' T-ball team
Banks is on the back row, 2nd player from the right
Lucius is on the front row, 2nd player from the right

 Collins was the ultimate cheerleader during the boys' games.

 Hughes' team
He is on the front row, 1st from the right with Conley right beside him.
Wyatt is on the front row, 1st from the left with Hudson right beside him.

Hughes - age 6

I'm ready for summer break.  I'm ready for no schedules, no start times, no dismissal times, no scheduled baseball games, no interrupted naps - just free time to do whatever whenever.
Bring on Summer!

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