Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last week in Barberry Woods

We have been packing and packing.  
Keep, Donate, Trash
That has been my motto.
Goodwill is my new bestfriend.  Don't tell my mother she'll want to go and buy everything back!

Our trailer was delivered yesterday and David and I started packing it last night.  We almost have the garage cleared out.  Tonight and tomorrow night we have friends coming to do the heavy lifting while I serve them pizza and beer.  That's a total equal trade, right?  
Cheap greasy pizza and light beer = a couple of hours of manual labor
No?  Well, don't tell them!

For what it is worth and because I know David reads the blog - NEXT time we move, we're definitely shelling out the big bucks for packers, movers & unpackers while I go to the beach and relax.  

On Monday, Suzie organized a playdate with all of our friends in the neighborhood who we have been having playdates with since the oldest kids were babies.  I joined the group officially when I quit teaching and stayed home.  I love these kids and I hope they will all come visit our nation's capital and us, too!

Back Row: Hughes(6), Banks(4), Miller(6), Conley(6), Wyatt(6), Thomas(6)
Front Row: Collins (1), Nola(3), Chandler(3)

Honestly, the mothers of these children have seen me at my worst and at my best.  They provided six years of free therapy and parenting advice.  We hashed out the world's problems during playdate and gave each other pep talks and pats-on-the-back when needed.  We admitted our mistakes and laughed at the antics of our children.  We were a mix of parenting styles and discipline styles but we were loyal to meeting, relaxing and letting the children play.  We watched the group expand with new siblings and we shared each other's grief with losses.    These mothers got me through the early years of parenting and for that I'll be forever grateful and will never forget this group of friends.  

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Courtney said...

Been thinking about you all - hope you are having a good move!