Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Collins' 18 month check up

Collins had his 18 month check-up this past Thursday.  Below are his stats:

Length: 33.5 inches    80%
Weight: 23 pounds     30%
Head Circ:  49.5 cm    93%

I had no idea that he was considered long.  Here's the latest on Collins:

  • he eats everything, throws food, and loves juice boxes
  • he's fast on the stairs, outside at the park, everywhere
  • he tries to say thank you, milk, cookie and fish
  • he can say dada, byebye, mama (if prodded) and ball
  • he loves playing outside and can climb our swingset to go down the slide by himself

Dear Collins,
      You are a mess.  You are definitely a third child.  You bring me juice boxes to drink, you eat fruit snacks with your big brothers, and you are a champ at pushing through naps and napping in the car.  God could not have given me a more perfect third child.
      Your latest achievement has been dancing but not just any kind of dancing.  Somehow you always manage to turn on my music from my iPhone and start playing Blackeyed Peas or LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem.  These are favorites of your big brothers for dancing.  Well, the other night, you started dancing too but then you got on your bottom and started spinning like you were break dancing similar to what Hughes' does.  You've got some pretty sweet moves.  Your Dad and I were thrilled to see you bust a move like that.
                                                                Keep Dancing,

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