Monday, April 16, 2012

Look For Me At The Ballpark!

Baseball season has started and with two boys playing on different teams I have found that a lot of my time is spent at the ballpark. Hughes is in his 2nd year of coach-pitch with Coach Rod's team. The team is mainly made up of players that started with Coach Rod three years ago with tee-ball so we're very familiar with every one. Banks is finally old enough to play tee-ball and he is thrilled. Lucius is on his team, too so that makes it all the better.

Before our first games - later to be rained out and rescheduled.

Cutie who spends just as much time at the ballpark as everyone else involved.

Fielding some balls warming up.

The rain started to drizzle at this point and about 2 minutes after this picture we had a downpour.

A couple of days later, Banks truly had his first game. Lucius and Banks "warming up" or sitting down. Whatever you want to call it!

Banks hitting and taking off!

Running strong to first base! He told me he was running like a cheetah.

It should be an interesting season with two different schedules. Hope I don't get them confused!

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