Monday, January 30, 2012


The month of January has flown by. We've been busy but not a lot of pictures were taken. The house is on the market and we've had one showing. I cleaned like the devil only for the boys to mess it up immediately upon coming home after school.

David only has a late class once a week so he's home after 8 most nights. I still think the Kindle we got as a Christmas surprise from David's parents is the best thing ever invented. I've read about 10 books since Christmas which is crazy. Reading at night = less Real Housewives watching. Probably for the best. I'll probably be expected to talk politics later this year in DC and not be asked what the housewives of Beverly Hills are doing.

The weather has been beautiful. Is there a way to take these 70 degree winter days to DC with me next year? We've been looking online and we've narrowed the potential areas to Arlington, Alexandria and Falls Church.

Banks playing Wii. No, Collins is not playing. He just likes to hold the other steering wheel. He thinks he's big stuff now that he can crawl up onto the couch.

Hughes, Hudson and Banks

The boys have been into basketball. Suzie made them these basketball jerseys. Hughes (obviously) still has trouble with some numbers going the correct way. They think these are awesome! I bought them some basketball shorts at Target and now they think they are the real deal. We practice with the recycling bin in the driveway as our goal. I've been trying to teach them about how practicing makes you better. David has been teaching them how to talk smack. Now, Banks and Hughes say "booyah" when they make a shot and "get that junk out of here" or "this is my house" when they block someone's shot. It is quite hysterical to hear Hughes talk trash because he doesn't quite have the voice inflection correct. It's more monotone. So, there you go. Two different parenting styles. Let's just hope they don't start smack talking their teachers!

Collins' favorite toy. He loves it. In and out. In and out. He thinks he's pretty big.

I love this smile. Such enthusiasm.

This turkey is almost 16 months old. He's been taking a few steps but doesn't feel the need to really walk yet. He prefers crawling and I haven't pushed it too hard. He's got about 6 teeth trying to pop through at the moment so he's been a bear to be with unless he's on my hip while I'm standing up.

He likes to swing high. I think he'll be my dare devil and roller coaster kid.

And, lastly, Hughes had a 100 Days of School project due today. We did 100 fingers. We traced our handprints twice, cut them out, and then labeled them by 5's up to 100. These are the boys' handprints. I love them. I think I'm going to do some kind of art project with them but make them in black.

So, there is January. Nothing too exciting. Just good family time.

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