Monday, January 16, 2012

House for Sale!

We have painted, we have stained, we have de-cluttered, we have Goodwilled, and we have taken pictures. The house is officially on the market! Any takers?

Like my picture? Like the green grass? Well, it pays to take pictures of your house when the yard is in bloom and it is summer. I took this picture two years ago and have several of the backyard with all of the flowers in bloom.

As far as the painting goes, not as easily done as said. On Friday, I touched up all over the house with our main interior color. I've done this before but it had been a while. Well, I did the entire house. I mean every mark, ding, and scratch was painted over leaving nothing but beautiful mark-free walls. Right? Wrong! Last year we had an unfortunate upstairs leak that came through the downstairs' ceiling. It resulted in a lot of dry wall being replaced, new floors being put in, and freshly painted walls. Apparently, the guy who painted the interior of our house 4 years ago and the painters from last year used two different shades of pony tail. So, while I happily touched up our walls ALL over our house on Friday I was really ruining every wall I painted.

Fast forward several hours when I realize that this paint that I have used is a slight shade darker than our wall color. I wanted to scream, to cry, to drink myself silly. It took me a while to figure out what had happened because, like I said above, I had done this so many times before. Apparently the painters from last year only touched up the two walls affected which is why when I touched up those walls they looked perfectly fine. So, needless to say, Saturday night was a painting party at the house. We haven't even approached upstairs and I'm trying to convince David to just hire someone to do the upstairs.

Besides that minor catastrophe, everything else went as planned. The boys came back on Sunday and we were glad to have the MLK holiday to relax and prepare for the week ahead.

So, yes, our house is on the market and our upstairs needs to be repainted quickly. I need a drink.


Jana A (@jana0926) said...

::passes some bourbon::

Nancy said...

Good Luck! Hope it sells quickly for you!