Friday, February 5, 2010


Yesterday morning, Hughes came downstairs and for the first time in his life had dressed himself. By that, I mean went into his drawers, picked out his clothes, and then proceeded to put them on his own body without any help - yahoo! Not that Hughes couldn't dress himself - he just wasn't interested until now that it is.

So, while I'm getting ready in my room, Hughes saunters in with a smile beaming across his face obviously quite pleased with himself.

So, I had one cowboy and one sidekick with me yesterday. Hughes clicked all over the place in his cowboy boots (thanks Lisa) and wore his straw hat proudly. We did leave the horse at home.

And, this morning(before 7am), Hughes again proudly picked out his clothes but this time we forgot the underwear and also chose a Christmas turtleneck. Good thing we're staying home for the day!

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