Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's that White Stuff?

The boys' were beyond shocked when they looked out the window Saturday morning. They had already gone to bed when it started snowing Friday night so we just decided to let them sleep and enjoy the snowfall and Olympics to ourselves. The boys woke up bright and early (of course) and we opened our top window for them to see it and touch it first thing in the morning. Hughes was so cute and announced that it was winter.

Our snow-capped house

Hughes working on his snowballs. He had quite a snowball war with Dad. Somehow I got involved and, well, let's just say David has better aim than I do.

The Holman Men starting to make our snowman.

Both boys plopped right down in the snow and started making snow angels - how they knew how to do this is beyond me.

Our Snowman - thanks to Mr. Potatohead for letting us borrow his features!

We had a great time playing in the snow. We took one little break for pancakes and to dry Hughes' shoes in the dryer. We did realize that even though we live in Charleston we do need to get the boys' some appropriate winter clothes - i.e. real gloves, boots for Hughes, coats - barn jackets don't do much when it's 30 degrees outside. Maybe I'll do some shopping at the end-of-the-season sales:)

Below are videos of the boys sledding. We used a tray and a rope. It worked perfectly and the boys had a blast. The snow was gone by noon but it was here the perfect amount of time for me. I'm dreaming of beach weather!

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