Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boc Boc

I wrote this post about a week ago and have been trying to remember to take a picture of the rooster painting but, of course, keep forgetting!  Sorry, hopefully one day I will remember.

The nursery has stayed the same for both boys.  Before Hughes was born, I had an artist paint three animals that were pulled from the nursery fabric.  Well, Banks loves to talk to these pictures and constantly is pointing to the animals trying to make their specific noises.  One is a rooster and Banks always says "boc boc" when pointing to him so we now refer to the rooster as the chicken - confused yet?  "Boc boc" is one of the first things he says in the morning and one of the last things he says at night.

So, imagine my surprise and astonishment yesterday when I handed him a chicken nugget and told him to eat his chicken that he would reply with "boc boc".  It totally tickled me and blew me away at the same time.

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